IBM Lotus Notes – Maintain and Support

Everyone is saying you need to move off the IBM Lotus Notes application platform, but for your organisation it just doesn’t stack up. It could be lack of funding, lack of an equivalent product, lack of resources, or all of the above. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many organisations are in the same position, and that’s why they engage us to provide maintenance, support and enhancement for their IBM Lotus Notes applications.

For most organisations, employing a full time specialist developer just doesn’t make economical sense. And it can be almost impossible to find a suitably experienced consultant. All of our specialists have many years experience.

Whilst it would be impossible to list all of the hundreds of application types we have provided maintenance, support and enhancement services for, below are some of the more common application types we have worked on:

  • Asset Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Service/Call Centre
  • eDRMS / Recordkeeping
  • Financial Management
  • Intranet/Extranet/Internet Site
  • Inventory/Ordering/Invoicing
  • Project Management and Budget Tracking
  • Quality Control and Workflow
  • Web Content Management
  • and many, many more…