IBM Lotus Notes – Application Discovery

Many organisations *think* they know how many IBM Lotus Notes applications they have in their environment. But more often than not, once we provide them with our Application Discovery services, they are surprised at the number, reach, complexity and most importantly, the under-estimated value, of what they actually have.

The history of the development of IBM Lotus Notes applications in many organisations is a chequered one. The power available in this rapid application development tool, meant just about anyone could create a basic application. And so applications were created in prolific numbers, unfortunately, more often than not with little thought to underlying business processes, requirements, and other applications. But you need to be careful not to tar them all with the same brush. That’s where our Application Discovery services can help.

We have put together the tools required which, coupled with our knowledge and understanding, enable us to analyse your application environment. We can determine exactly what applications you have, what information they contain, how these applications are connected, and how often they are used, amongst a myriad of other data. The level of our engagement can be fully tailored to your needs and requirements, as proven by previous consulting engagements that have ranged from a single server, to more than 160 servers.

Example discovery outputs

Below are examples of the discovery data outputs we have provided to previous customers to help them make decisions with the IBM Lotus Notes application environment:

  • Physical location/s of applications and all their related replicas
  • Application creation dates and last accessed information
  • Physical storage sizes and document counts of applications
  • Potential space and cost savings through consolidation of replicas, servers or similar applications
  • Total numbers of design elements across specific applications or the entire environment
  • Security models utilised across various applications
  • Categorisation of application complexity based on size/design/workflow/integration
  • Code analysis to determine potential email and application migration pain points
  • High level platform migration options based on application structure

See our IBM Lotus Notes – Migrate and Decommission page if you need help, or have already decided, to move off the platform.